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Sandel, Garmin and Honeywell develop new HTAWS to warn pilots about wires, cables and power lines

Posted Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Posted in Q&A, Industry News

Significant progress has been made by these avionics producers with advanced databases, displays and alerting systems.

Sandel, Garmin and Honeywell develop new HTAWS to warn pilots about wires, cables and power lines

FAA’s recent rule making announcements mandated some new equipment and higher levels of training aimed at stemming the increased accident and fatality rates. Today there are more uses and increased value in helicopter operations, which influence almost every aspect of society. And the dangers associated with operations down low for helicopters has led to a need to do something different. FAA notes that “These pilots fly year-round in rural and urban settings, over mountainous and nonmountainous terrain, during the day and during the night, and in conditions where visibility is good and in conditions here it is not. They must often land at unfamiliar, remote, or unimproved sites with hazards like trees, buildings, towers, wires, and uneven terrain.”

Russian Realities

Posted Monday, June 09, 2014 Posted in Industry News

Under sanctions' shadow, MROs still bullish but cautious--on Russia

by Paul Seidenman & David Spanovich

As Russian Airlines have modernized their post-Cold War fleets with western-builT aircraft, MRO service providers and components suppliers have pursued promising opportunities with those carriers.  Now there is a concern as to whether those opportunities will withstand the increasingly strained relationship between the West and Russia over that country's involvement in Ukraine.

Garmin GTN-6xx/7xx Interface GPS Position/Altitude & NAV/ILS.

Posted Friday, May 16, 2014 Posted in Q&A

Sandel Avionics Tech Note on Garmin GTN-6xx/7xx Interfaced with Sandel ST3400.

G’Day, Charlie here:

First, in case you are not aware, we have a NEW ST3400 installation manual in our online resource center. Download it here.

Recently we added the Garmin GTN-6xx/7xx interface for the ST3400. The interface includes ARINC 429 and RS-232 for the GPS Position, Flight Plan, GPS Altitude, and NAV/ILS information. Please refer to sheet 23 in the Sandel ST3400 PN: 82002 IM-K Installation Manual. Sheet 23 shows the interface as a Class B operation. For a Class A operation, Pressure Altitude needs to be added to the ST3400 for sudden loss of altitude.