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Sandel Receives TSO for Advanced HeliTAWS™ Terrain Safety System

Posted Monday, August 16, 2010 Posted in Company News

Sandel Avionics has announced TSO approval for its revolutionary HeliTAWS helicopter terrain safety system, which adds Sandel's proprietary TrueAlert™ nuisance-alert elimination technology, off-airport landing capability and high-resolution 3-D terrain display capabilities to basic Class A HTAWS functions. The result is that HeliTAWS is expected to significantly increase the safety of such demanding helicopter missions as HEMS (helicopter emergency medical services); offshore oil rig operations; tactical military support; search and rescue; and airborne law enforcement.

Sandel Announces Follow-On STC Approval for New Helitaws™ in Part 27 and Part 29 Helicopters

Posted Wednesday, April 07, 2010 Posted in Company News

Sandel Avionics has announced it has reached an agreement with the FAA that would consider helicopters operating under Part 91 or Part 135 rules as candidates for Field Approval installation of its new ST3400H HeliTAWS unit. Simplified installations would be done under the guidelines in FSAW 02-03A, which include an operational flight check as described in CFR 91.407. The only FAA involvement for a HeliTAWS installation will be to approve the RFMS (Rotorcraft Flight Manual Supplement) generated by the installing agency, although a flight evaluation, conducted by an FAA or DER test pilot, may also be necessary.

Sandel Receives EASA Certification for 4-ATI Displays on S550 Citations

Posted Wednesday, April 07, 2010 Posted in Company News

Sandel Avionics has announced it has received EASA supplemental type certification for installations of its 4-ATI displays on S550-model Cessna Citation aircraft. Including Sandel's SN4500 Primary Navigation Display and SA4550 Primary Attitude Display, the certification allows Sandel dealers to install these systems in the popular Citation SII aircraft. The EASA STC 10029542 data package is available to Sandel Dealers at no charge with the purchase of qualifying equipment.

Sandel Shows More Capable Production Helitaws™ at HAI Booth 4309

Posted Sunday, February 21, 2010 Posted in Company News

Sandel Avionics has announced it will display the production version of its new HeliTAWS HTAWS/Mission Safety System at HAI. Both a Class A HTAWS (helicopter terrain avoidance warning system) and a Mission Safety System with special operations enhancements, the Sandel HeliTAWS uses a range of unique pilot-selectable functions to provide unequaled operational and safety benefits.

Sandel Sets Flight Testing for Forthcoming Helicopter TAWS

Posted Tuesday, August 25, 2009 Posted in Company News

Flight testing for the new compact HTAWS to begin in late October at Corporate Helicopters of San Diego

Sandel Avionics today announced it has made arrangements to begin flight testing as scheduled on October 20, 2009, at Corporate Helicopters of San Diego, CA, for its revolutionary HTAWS (helicopter terrain awareness and warning system), the industry's first compact, easy-to-install panel-mount unit for helicopters. Designed to enhance rotorcraft safety by complying with the recently issued FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) C194 governing HTAWS, the 3-ATI Sandel HTAWS is a ruggedized, self-contained system developed specifically for helicopter use. Derived from Sandel's best-selling ST3400 TAWS for fixed-wing aircraft, the new system incorporates an HTAWS computer, terrain and obstacle databases, nuisance-alert suppression and a high-resolution display in a single compact unit. With panel space at a premium, the Sandel HTAWS also provides radar altimeter data, filling the slot occupied by a dedicated radar altimeter indicator in both retrofit and forward-fit applications.