Sandel Tech Note: SN3500 used with the Garmin G600/G500 Installations

Posted Wednesday, March 11 2015 as Company News

G’Day, Charlie here:

If you have a customer that has decided to upgrade to the Garmin G600/G500 Flight Deck solution, have you thought about installing a secondary indicator to display navigation flight data? 

Wither you have or not here is an option for you, add a Sandel SN3500 EHSI as the secondary navigation display. If the aircraft has an existing gyro system installed, then you can utilize it for the SN3500 heading input. If not, then you can use the GRS77 AHARS (ARINC 429 HI or LO SPD) output.

Once you have set that up, you can parallel both the Garmin Navigators VLOC ARINC 429 and GPS ARINC 429 to the Garmin GDU620 display and to the SN3500. This will give you an independent Vor/ILS Display for Nav 1 and Nav 2, plus GPS 1 & GPS 2 for the SN3500.  You may also interface ADF, TACAN, DME and Traffic information.

As you can see this package would be beneficial for the Pilot/Owner of the aircraft. With the SN3500 display, it will look great in a glass instrument panel.

If you have any questions, please give Sandel Product Support a call at 760.727.4900 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..