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Sandel Avionics Tech Note: Using Windows Tablets to upload Software.

Posted Thursday, May 07, 2015 Posted in Q&A

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G’Day, Charlie here:

I would like to talk to you today about a better way to upload software to Sandel equipment. The equipment included are: SN3500, SN4500, SA4550, ST3400, ST3400H, and SG102 systems.

One of the inconveniences of uploading software to Sandel equipment now is dragging and juggling a laptop, cords, power supply plus any instructions, tools, etc. to the aircraft. We all hate this part of uploading. Through extensive testing, and a beer or two, the Sandel Support Team has discovered an alternative way of doing this. You can now use a Windows 8 tablet. 

FreeFlight Systems announces Equip-It 2020 Program

Posted Friday, March 20, 2015 Posted in Q&A, Industry News

a program providing complete, rule-compliant ADS-B systems for light general aviation aircraft for less than $2,000.

Waco, TX, (March 16, 2015) -- American manufacturer, FreeFlight Systems, annouced today that it has launched Equip-It 2020 -- a program to provide ADS-B equipment for light general aviation aircraft (GA) the breaks the $2000 barrier for a basic, but complete, system.

Sandel Avionics Tech Note on L3 TACAN+ Displayed on SN3500/SN4500 EHSI’s.

Posted Monday, November 24, 2014 Posted in Q&A

For all Military Contractors, I have good news about the L-3 Avionics System TACAN+. The L-3 TACAN+ is a configurable system that can supply ARINC 429 TACAN data to the Sandel SN3500/SN4500 series EHSI’s. With this data, the SN3500/SN4500 can display a fully functional CDI, Bearing Pointer, Distance and Ground Speed to the target.

The default emulation setting at the factory for the L-3 TACAN+ is 100. You will need to set the emulation to -31 as per the L-3 installation manual. Once you do that, set the TACAN input channel on the SN3500/SN4500 to 429-MC.

TACAN support is a software option when purchasing a SN3500/SN4500. It is subject to the licensing jurisdiction of the Department of State in accordance with ITAR.

The combination of the L-3 TACAN+ system with the Sandel SN3500/SN4500 in the cockpit is a great Tactical Solution!

If you have any questions on the interface, please give Sandel Product Support a call at 760.727.4900 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ST3400 Config Module Update Instructions

Posted Monday, August 25, 2014 Posted in Q&A

G’Day, Charlie here:

Here is a procedure to update the ST3400 TAWS configuration when installing a loaner or repaired unit.

If you are replacing a unit that has a serial number less than 2000 with a unit that has a serial above 2000, you will start at step 14.

If you are replacing a unit with serial numbers in the same range, follow steps 1-14:


Sandel, Garmin and Honeywell develop new HTAWS to warn pilots about wires, cables and power lines

Posted Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Posted in Q&A, Industry News

Significant progress has been made by these avionics producers with advanced databases, displays and alerting systems.

Sandel, Garmin and Honeywell develop new HTAWS to warn pilots about wires, cables and power lines

FAA’s recent rule making announcements mandated some new equipment and higher levels of training aimed at stemming the increased accident and fatality rates. Today there are more uses and increased value in helicopter operations, which influence almost every aspect of society. And the dangers associated with operations down low for helicopters has led to a need to do something different. FAA notes that “These pilots fly year-round in rural and urban settings, over mountainous and nonmountainous terrain, during the day and during the night, and in conditions where visibility is good and in conditions here it is not. They must often land at unfamiliar, remote, or unimproved sites with hazards like trees, buildings, towers, wires, and uneven terrain.”