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Richard W. Taylor, Sandel Board Member and Friend

Dick was instrumental in the direction of Sandel over the years. Before he retired, he was a designer, test pilot, executive, and technology leader who made extraordinary aviation contributions in his 45-years with Boeing.  Dick began flying in WWII as a forward artillery spotter pilot.  He developed the B-47 LABS or “Toss Bombing” techniques for delivering nuclear weapons. This led to his involvement with the B-52 Program where he became the Engineering Director. Richard provided leadership in the design of two-crew flight decks and two-engine jet transport aircraft.  He also improved operations safety and transport economics through analysis of safety to crew complement and engine equipage.  Since the 1970’s, no transport aircraft accident had two-crew or two-engine configuration as a contributing factor. Dick is an aviation legend and will be remembered not only for his incredible contributions to society but also by all the people that he touched.

Dick was a great friend and a great friend to this company.

Gerry Block

Sandel Avionics, Inc.