Sandel SN4500 Primary Navigation Displays Selected for French Military Puma Project

Posted Friday, August 30 2013 as Company News

Sandel SN4500 Primary Navigation Displays Selected for French Military Puma Project

VISTA, Cal., September 7, 2013 – Sandel Avionics, Inc., a global leader in compact, integrated display systems technologies, today announced that its SN4500 Primary Navigation Display has been selected by the French Military.

The retrofit project is for cockpit upgrades including installation of the Sandel SN4500 with ADF, VOR/ILS, GPS and digital TACAN. All the SN4500s will include the unique on-demand NVIS mode only offered by Sandel. The installation is ​​for approximately 50 ICAO PUMA helicopters owned by the French Army with dual SN4500s in each. The installation work was secured by Sandel Dealer, Heli Union, located in France.

“We have represented Sandel products for many years,” said Jean Bernard DESVAUX, Avionics Manager for Heli Union. “This French Army project is a great example of how Sandel products provide an ideal retrofit solution with an attractive cost for military operations.”

The SN4500 is a 4-ATI display that simplifies navigation and enhances safety with its standard traffic overlay and full-color moving map NAV. The moving map supports GPS- or FMS-supplied waypoints, heading, bearing pointers for VOR and ADF, DME display and marker beacons. The one-touch toggle between 360-degree compass and 70-degree ARC view is preferred among pilots. It’s FAA approved for use as a primary flight display and designed for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. 

“After a very successful retrofit with dual Sandel 3-ATI SN3500 Primary Navigation Displays in all of the French Army Fennec training helicopters it was an easy decision to consider the 4-ATI SN4500 for their Puma combat fleet,” said Jerry Henry Director of Technical Sales for Sandel.