Steve Fulton, a Leading Authority on Performance Based Navigation, Expands His Role at Sandel Avionics

Posted Friday, March 18 2016 as Canada TAWS Mandate, Company News

Steve Fulton, a Leading Authority on Performance Based Navigation, Expands His Role at Sandel Avionics

VISTA, CA, March 21, 2016 – Sandel Avionics Inc., the global leader in advanced avionics, today announced that Steve Fulton, longtime advisor to Sandel, has expanded his role to Avilon Senior Flight Test Pilot and PBN Advisor.  

In addition to being an advisor for the Avilon program, Steve was a Technical Fellow for GE Aviation Systems and co-founder of Naverus, Inc., a company dedicated to the successful operational deployment of performance based navigation (PBN). Prior to founding Naverus, Steve, as an Alaska Airlines technical pilot, pioneered the Alaska Airlines’ Required Navigation Performance (RNP) RNAV procedure development and established the Flight Ops Technical Department. He provided the leadership at Alaska Airlines for the creation of an operational RNP capability that provided significant safety and economic benefits and has served as a model for all subsequent U.S. and international deployments of RNP. 

“For more than 20 years, I have been dedicated to the work of improving aircraft operations with the advanced avionics capabilities of air transport aircraft,” said Steve Fulton. “I am excited to have this new role with the Sandel Avilon team to enable significant improvements in aircraft operations which previously were not available for King Air operators. Avilon is an all new design that is purpose-built for maximum performance in NextGen airspace.”  

Steve represents Sandel on three FAA committees—NextGen Advisory Committee Subcommittee, Co-Chair of Performance Based Navigation NextGen Implementation Work Group, and Co-Chair of Performance Based Navigation Time, Speed, and Space Strategy Task Group.

“When we first started developing the Avilon program in 2002, we were seeking a world leader in NextGen, specifically in Performance Based Navigation and RNP. Steve came highly recommended by Dick Taylor, Sandel Board member and former Boeing executive,” said Gerry Block, President & CEO of Sandel Avionics. “The caliber of knowledge he brings to the team, as a pilot and engineer, has elevated the Avilon program, enabling us to design the Avilon system to be even smarter.”

Steve earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is co-author of three U.S. patents on air data formats for electronic primary flight displays and principles of RNP design.