Next Generation Helicopter Cockpits

Posted Tuesday, February 04 2014 as Industry News

By Woodrow Bellamy III, Avionics News

Next Generation Helicopter Cockpits

Avionics companies are designing the next generation of helicopter cockpits to improve situational awareness for pilots, whose aircraft are starting to catch up to their fixed-wing counterparts in terms of new technology.

The most advanced avionics solutions and intergrated flight decks are no longer reserved for top business jets and air transport aircraft.  In recent years, avionics companies have started introducing some of the most advanced navigation and flight managemnt systems for helicopters which seem to have been a forgotten aspect of avionics research and development over the past two decades.

Now manufacturers are working every day with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), pilots and especially international civil aviation authorities to develop these technologies specifically for helicopters too. 

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