Rockwell Collins launches HeliSure product line for rotary wing aircraft

Posted Friday, June 28 2013 as Industry News

When Rockwell Collins set out to introduce an H-TAWS solution, — we were  committed to providing a next-generation, fully TSO’d, Class A, terrain awareness and warning system. That’s why we chose Sandel’s HeliTAWS® technology.

At the Paris Air Show on June 17, Rockwell Collins launched HeliSure, a family of products that will provide helicopter pilots with unprecedented situational awareness to help them meet the challenges of flying in increasingly congested and hazard-filled airspace.
HeliSure delivers sensor data in real time through an intuitive user interface that features 3D visualization for information that pilots can easily, quickly and effectively process. The first two products of the HeliSure family are Helicopter Synthetic Vision System (H-SVS) and Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS), which have been selected by AgustaWestland for the AW149, AW189, AW101 and AW169 platforms.
“With the introduction of HeliSure, Rockwell Collins is the only company offering a completely unique portfolio of products combining visualization, displays, sensors and databases that together increase situational awareness,” said Phil Jasper, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Government Systems for Rockwell Collins. “We believe AugustaWestland and its customers will greatly benefit from the enhanced features offered by the two new HeliSure systems.”
The Helicopter Synthetic Vision System (H-SVS) and Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS) are the first two HeliSure products to be offered to customers.
HeliSure’s H-SVS perfectly matches the outside world and meets operator requirements for improved situational awareness, particularly in degraded visual environments, where an accurate understanding of the surrounding terrain becomes critical. Rockwell Collins’ H-SVS solution is a fully integrated software application that can be ported to most current generation large format displays. Another advantage of the Rockwell Collins H-SVS solution is its high-resolution terrain and known obstacle database – with industry leading 3-arc second resolution through all phases of flight that delivers the most detailed synthetic vision display available today.
Whether it is emergency medical services (EMS), law enforcement, search and rescue, or any number of other demanding mission profiles, the very nature of a typical helicopter mission means the aircrew must operate in potentially dangerous environments. HeliSure’s H-TAWS product enhances the safety of those missions by providing pilots with advanced warning about dangers along their flight path including its ability to graphically depict terrain and known obstacles. The HeliSure H-TAWS product addresses the proposed Federal Aviation Administration mandate for the use of an H-TAWS system by helicopter EMS operators.
To learn more about the HeliSure family of products, please visit Rockwell Collins is also showcasing the product at the Paris Air Show, Hall 2B, Stand D108.