Garmin GTN-6xx/7xx Interface GPS Position/Altitude & NAV/ILS.

Posted Friday, May 16 2014 as Q&A

Sandel Avionics Tech Note on Garmin GTN-6xx/7xx Interfaced with Sandel ST3400.

G’Day, Charlie here:

First, in case you are not aware, we have a NEW ST3400 installation manual in our online resource center. Download it here.

Recently we added the Garmin GTN-6xx/7xx interface for the ST3400. The interface includes ARINC 429 and RS-232 for the GPS Position, Flight Plan, GPS Altitude, and NAV/ILS information. Please refer to sheet 23 in the Sandel ST3400 PN: 82002 IM-K Installation Manual. Sheet 23 shows the interface as a Class B operation. For a Class A operation, Pressure Altitude needs to be added to the ST3400 for sudden loss of altitude.

Once you have completed the interface, go to maintenance mode and verify the Present Position and GPS altitude.  You can do this  by going outside in clear view of a satellite, or use a GPS repeater in the hanger.

  1.     To boot up in maintenance mode, push the BRG1 & BRG2 soft keys in while turning on Avionics Master. Continue to hold until you are in maintenance mode.
  2.     At the index page press the RMI softkey to put the unit in EDIT mode.
  3.     Press the VUE button until you get to the GPS/FMS1 page.
  4.     Press the TOPO softkey to move cursor to the left side of VALUE.
  5.     Use the UP Arrow softkey to scroll thru the labels.
  6.     Verify that labels 310 LAT and 311 LON have a VTE of 100 and the information is in Green.
  7.     Next scroll to label 076 Altitude, verify that it is at field elevation with a VTE:100.
  8.     Last step, verify all other interface equipment per the Ground and Flight test documents.

Thanks from Product Support!