Sandel Avionics Tech Note on L3 TACAN+ Displayed on SN3500/SN4500 EHSI’s.

Posted Monday, November 24 2014 as Q&A

For all Military Contractors, I have good news about the L-3 Avionics System TACAN+. The L-3 TACAN+ is a configurable system that can supply ARINC 429 TACAN data to the Sandel SN3500/SN4500 series EHSI’s. With this data, the SN3500/SN4500 can display a fully functional CDI, Bearing Pointer, Distance and Ground Speed to the target.

The default emulation setting at the factory for the L-3 TACAN+ is 100. You will need to set the emulation to -31 as per the L-3 installation manual. Once you do that, set the TACAN input channel on the SN3500/SN4500 to 429-MC.

TACAN support is a software option when purchasing a SN3500/SN4500. It is subject to the licensing jurisdiction of the Department of State in accordance with ITAR.

The combination of the L-3 TACAN+ system with the Sandel SN3500/SN4500 in the cockpit is a great Tactical Solution!

If you have any questions on the interface, please give Sandel Product Support a call at 760.727.4900 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..