Sandel Avionics Tech Note: Using Windows Tablets to upload Software.

Posted Thursday, May 07 2015 as Q&A

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G’Day, Charlie here:

I would like to talk to you today about a better way to upload software to Sandel equipment. The equipment included are: SN3500, SN4500, SA4550, ST3400, ST3400H, and SG102 systems.

One of the inconveniences of uploading software to Sandel equipment now is dragging and juggling a laptop, cords, power supply plus any instructions, tools, etc. to the aircraft. We all hate this part of uploading. Through extensive testing, and a beer or two, the Sandel Support Team has discovered an alternative way of doing this. You can now use a Windows 8 tablet. 

We’ve selected the Windows TW802 because it has a standard USB port, like a laptop.  Most Windows tablets will only have a micro-USB port. In theory any Windows 8.1 tablet with a micro-USB port will interface with our units through use of an adapter called a USB OTG cable but this has not been tested by our team. Please note that interfacing with our units requires a Windows 8-based tablet so an iPad and an Android tablet cannot be used. The TW802 tablet has a USB Port and Mini SDI card slot. I added a 16G card to the tablet, downloaded all the new software to the USB stick, and then copied it to the SDI card.

From the tablet you can launch any of the software upgrades including Base Software and Databases. You can also interface to the SG102 for the Calibration in the field.

Now you can leave at least the laptop and cords at home. Overall this is a much simpler way to upgrade in the aircraft and on the bench.

If you have any questions, give me a call at 1-760-727-4900, Option 2.


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