SG102 & SG102/D AHRS Support

icon SG102 & SG102/D Installation Manual (1.7 MB)

icon SG102 & SG102/D Calibration Procedure (1.0 MB) 

icon MT102 Maintenance Extension Cable for Calibration (166 kB) - Drawing of MT102 extension cable used during the SG102 calibration process. Also available from Sandel as part 88128-A1.

icon SG102 & SG102/D Calibration Software 2.80 (1.4 MB) - Self-extracting file. Save to the PC that will be used for the SG102 calibration and double‑click on the file to extract the contents. NOTE: Calibration software version 2.80 is required for enabling high-speed ARINC 429 output on MOD 2 SG102 units. 

icon SG102 & SG102/D Pilots Guide (87 kB)

SG102 & SG102/D Software History

Service Bulletins and Service Information Letters

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