ST3400 TAWS Database Information

The ST3400 TAWS database is updated 3-4 times a year. Please contact Sandel to purchase a database update. 

The database consists of two files, an airport file and a terrain/obstacle file, both of which are updated through the USB interface. 

icon ST3400 Database Update Instructions (2.1 MB)

Current Database Version

icon Airport Listing - ST3400 June 2019 Database (2 MB)

Airport Database: Cycle 1907 Effective June 20, 2019

Terrain/Obstacle Database: 10JUN19

Database Regions

The following coverage regions are available for the ST3400. 

Note: The worldwide region is only supported by ST3400 units with serial numbers 2000 or higher.

icon North America (47 kB)

icon Africa (44 kB)

icon Asia Pacific (48 kB)

icon Europe (42 kB)

icon Globe (54 kB)

icon South America  (45 kB)